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The White Shark Africa – Shark Program is a shark conservation volunteer project operating in the beautiful coastal town of Mossel Bay, South Africa.

Mossel Bay is situated on the scenic Garden Route in the Western Cape. It is well know for having a one of the highest White Shark concentrations along the South African coastline and in the world.
What we offer as a program is a hands on approach to working not only with Great White Sharks, but also the many other species of sharks and rays found in the area. Because most of our activities are ocean based we are able to provide the unique opportunity to develop seamanship skills required by people wanting to work in a marine environment. The Ultimate Goals of the program are education, public awareness, and the advancement of marine science

The Shark Program

Cage DiveEach program is conducted over a period of 27 days, starting from the 1st of each month. The program runs from Mondays to Fridays with the weekends off, leaving you some time to relax and explore. If, like most participants, you feel that one month isn’t enough time, we do also accept bookings of two to six months as well.

The program is open to anyone with a real interest in sharks and to those who wish to be involved in something rewarding, educational, exciting and overall enjoyable. Anyone studying biology, marine biology, zoology, oceanography, marine tourism, animal husbandry, marine filming etc. will find the program particularly beneficial towards their goals.

We also cater for and welcome passionate conservationists who would like to help remove the bad stigma attached to White Sharks due to negative media. Since we run daily shark cage diving trips we feel it is important to engage the clients in a positive way that helps them to better understand these animals.

The program schedule is structured and we try to adhere to it as far as the weather and sea conditions allow. Participants will occasionally be directly involved with crew duties on the boat and be expected to chat to clients regarding White Shark conservation. With a bit of training and some practice, they should also be able to provide safety briefings before trips. Don’t worry if these are not your strong points, as duties will rotate until you find those that you are comfortable with.

The minimum age to participate is 18 years. During your program you will be entering the domain of the greatest predator in the oceans – the Great White Shark.



During the program, participants get the chance to do partake in scuba dives to view some of the beautiful reefs and to also dive with other shark species in and around the area. You may also get the opportunity to complete a specialist shark dive certificate for those interested.

The diving is only open to qualified divers and all costs are at the diver’s expense. Non-divers will have an opportunity to snorkel, subject to conditions, or may complete an Open Water diving course while on the program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Diving is subject to weather conditions and visibility. There are a whole range of other activities and excursions available. Once you have booked onto the program feel free to inquire about other possibilities.


Program Fee

PRICES ARE PER PERSON FOR A 27 DAY PROGRAM (2018 PRICE ONLY). (Prices are subject to change. For accurate conversion please use XE Conversion per currency)

Internship Fee: R22, 000  ($1, 500/€1350)                  

Includes: accommodation (program dates only), cage dive equipment and lunch after the shark boat trips, transport to and from George airport (1st & 27th of the month ONLY), and transport for some excursions.        

Excludes: flights, meals, extra activities, dive courses.


For more detail on the WSA Shark Program- Download our brochure.