Garden Route  – Godive Scuba Mossel Bay. The leading Dive Center in the Western Cape Garden Route. Situated in Mossel Bay one of the best White Shark areas in South Africa

GoDive Mossel Bay is the #1 Scuba Dive Center in the Garden Route area of South Africa.

Elton Polly, the award winning Shark Specialist Scuba Dive Instructor has extensive knowledge of the top dive sites, not only in the Garden Route Area, but in South Africa and Mozambique

Top 5 Courses Offered

  1. Open Water One
  2. Advanced Diver
  3. Rescue Diver
  4. Dive Master
  5. Shark Specialist Training

Diving Internship South Africa

Mossel Bay, home of one of the best Scuba Dive Internship programs in South Africa.

The GoDive approach to Marine Conservation and the related Eco Intern Program offered by White Shark Africa make them the most sought after Intern Programs in South Africa.

The Dive Master program prepares interns to qualify as a competent Dive Masters with the highest standards in safety.

Advanced diving, Rescue Diving and Boating skills are all part of the Intern Program. Additional subjects include Emergency on board procedures and Safety.

Enjoy the fun of wreck dives,  Baited Shark Dives and the best Reef Dives in the Garden Route.

Take Part in Clean Ocean Dives. – Project Aware

Help at the penguin rehabilitation center – SAPREC – 

Keep Fin Alive

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The ultimate goal of the campaign is to take a light-hearted approach to help change the common misconception of sharks and drive more attention to the problems of plastic pollution, overfishing, finning, shark fishing tournaments, bycatch and longlining using a ‘sandwich technique’… fun photo > real issue > fun photo. We’re using the power of social media to capture even those who usually turn a blind eye to the negative stories by gaining support from renowned personalities who inspire more campaign followers.

We have lots of #FinHuggers supporting us, including celebrities, scientists, photographers, film-makers & conservationists.

The most recent and accurate report states that up to 273 million sharks are killed each year. Sharks just cannot reproduce quickly enough to keep up with the demand and the only way to stop shark extinction is to stop the unnecessary trade of shark.

 Sharks play a vital role in keeping the oceans healthy and are essential to an ecosystem that produces more oxygen than all the rainforests combined, provides a third of the world with food, removes half of the atmosphere’s greenhouse gases, and controls our planet’s temperature and weather. Sharks and the oceans desperately need our help.

Top 3 Garden Route Scuba Dive Sites - GoDive

The Paquita, sank in 1903, after running ashore and filling with water. She now lies on the eastern side of the famous Heads in Knysna.
The wreck is in beautiful condition with anchors clearly visible and many other things to discover. The reefs boast beautiful corals especially on the iron plates. Invertebrate life and plenty of marine growth inhabit the area. Seahorses can at times be seen here. Depth from 5m to 19m

NOTE: The wreck is situated right in the mouth of a large lagoon. The currents are notorious and can be lethal if not dived on the correct tides. Please ask us for more info if you are planning to dive it.

A shallow dive with lots to see. Mitches reef is always full of life. Colorful Nudibranchs, octopus and benthic sharks are the usual sightings.

We offer the Clean Ocean Diver qualification as a collaboration with Keep Fin Alive and NAUI Worldwide.

Mossel Bay - Garden Route - South Africa

Mossel Bay has a number of divable reefs within 10 minutes of our launch site making them some of the safest and most accessible dives in the Garden Route and in the Western Cape.

These colorful reefs lie at depths ranging from 6 meters (18 ft) to 30 meters (90 ft) and are teaming with fish, nudibranchs, octopus and corals.

Our semi-ridged dive boat, Shy Shark accommodates only 6 divers at a time making our dive groups smaller and more comfortable than the normal “10 diver” operations .