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UltimElton Pollyate Shark Adventures was founded by South African shark specialist, Elton Polly. Elton is an accredited NAUI Dive Instructor located in Mossel Bay, South Africa. He is also the captain of the White Shark Africa cage diving vessel and the former internship coordinator of the White Shark Africa-Shark Program Internship. Elton has had years of hands on experience working with many shark species along the South African coastline.

With more than 1000 scuba dives, most of which being shark dives, Elton holds a great appreciation for ocean and shark conservation. Ultimate Shark Adventures is his way of contributing to the education and outreach regarding these misunderstood animals. By providing adventure packages and internship opportunities, he hopes to encourage many more people to raise awareness on behalf of these apex predators, and become passionate shark advocates too.

“Having been out on the sea most days over the past twelve years, I have seen some amazing things. What started as a basic curiosity for marine life, has become a fascination for me, with a special interest in sharks.

After hundreds of dives with more than 10 shark species around South Africa, I can say with certainty that sharks are largely misunderstood. Ultimate Shark Adventures, is effectively my way of reaching out to help change common misconceptions of these animals with a hands on approach.

The adventure packages you find on this page bring together the best shark dives and activities that South Africa has to offer, with guides that make your experience informative, safe, and exciting.” – Ultimate Shark Enthusiast, Elton Polly

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